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CV Kincai Indah is a leading creative venture that has been in the business of producing fashion apparel products since 1971. CV Kincai Indah can assist you in providing fashion products for the needs of your Individual, Company, Institution, Organization or Community.

CV Kincai Indah is committed to providing the best service by prioritizing product quality and timeliness in the production process. CV Kincai Indah is ready to become a partner you can trust and be part of the solution to your problems.

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Work uniforms can create a sense of unity among employees or members of an organisation. When everyone wears the same uniform, it can minimise social differences or status differences and increase the sense of community in the workplace.


Polo shirts are a popular choice for casual looks that still look polished and professional. They offer both comfort and a more formal style compared to regular t-shirts, so they are often part of work uniforms or popular casual wear options.


Custom vests are vests that are designed and made according to individual preferences and needs. In the context of clothing, a vest is an outer garment that has an open front and no sleeves. Custom vests can be made for various purposes and activities, such as work uniforms, sports, special events, or promotional purposes.


Hoodies are a popular type of outerwear, especially among teenagers and casual fashion lovers. Hoodies are usually made of comfortable materials, such as cotton or synthetic fibre blends, and have a hood attached to the back.


A wearpack is a type of workwear specifically designed to provide protection and comfort when working in environments or situations that require additional protection. Typically, wearpacks are used by workers in the industrial, construction, automotive, mining, and other sectors that require protection against chemicals, splashes, high temperatures, or sharp objects.


Custom-made bags or made-to-order bags, refer to bags that are designed and manufactured specifically to meet the needs and preferences of a particular individual or company. Custom bags allow customers to customise various aspects of the bag, including design, material, size, colour, accessories and other features.

T – S H I R T

T-shirts are a well-known and popular type of clothing around the world. Typically, it has a simple cut with a round neck and short sleeves.
There are also other variations, such as V-necks or sleeveless models, made from lightweight cotton that is comfortable to wear.
There are also T-shirts made from other materials such as polyester, rayon, or blends of various fibres. T-shirts are popular for their simple and versatile design, as well as the comfort they offer.


Custom medal including graduation medals, alumni medals, military medals, law enforcement medals and challenge medals. We have even produced custom medal orders for the Olympics and presidential inaugurations.


Tactical shirts are often designed with a focus on functionality. They may have details such as Velcro loops or patch panels on the sleeves or chest, which allow users to attach identification, badges, or patches. Some Tactical shirts also come with additional vents on the back or sides to help improve breathability and comfort.


Sportswear is generally made from lightweight, stretchy and breathable materials. Materials such as polyester, spandex or other synthetic fibre blends are commonly used as they are waterproof, quick-drying and manage moisture well. Some materials also have anti-odour properties to keep clothes clean during intense exercise.


Bomber jackets are a popular type of jacket and are well known for their distinctive design. It was originally known as the “Flight Jacket” and was first introduced in aviation in the early 20th century. However, over time, it has become a part of everyday fashion and clothing styles.


Sweaters are garments designed to provide warmth and comfort when the weather is a little chilly. Sweaters are usually made of soft and warm materials, such as wool, cotton, acrylic or synthetic fibre blends.


A rain suit, also known as a rain suit, is a type of clothing specifically designed to protect the body from rain or wet weather. A rain suit consists of trousers and a jacket made of waterproof material or coated with a waterproof layer.
It is made of waterproof material, such as PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) or polyester coated with a waterproof layer.


A hat that is designed and made according to the wishes and specifications of a particular individual or company. Custom hats allow you to customise various aspects of the hat, including the design, material, colour, embroidery, prints, and other accessories.


A protective garment typically worn by people working in kitchens, restaurants, or other work environments involving food preparation or potentially dirty activities.
Made of fabric or waterproof material that covers the front of the body from the chest to the knees or ankles, it is designed to protect the clothing underneath from stains, grease splashes, and other dirt that may occur during the cooking process or food-related work.


Quality Warranty

If the product you ordered is defective / manufacturing defect, we will replace it and the shipping costs of damaged goods are entirely our responsibility.

Best Price

Best Price compared to Quality, please discuss with our Project Manager to get the best price.

Large Capacity and Fast

Production of thousands of products per month. Production time can be customized according to your needs. You don’t have to worry.

New Exchange Warranty

New exchange warranty for CV Kincai Indah products that are not in accordance with the production standards that should be.

High Print Quality

The quality of screen printing and embroidery is very neat, durable and the image does not fade or damage after repeated use or washing.


Has served clients ranging from Individuals, Communities, Governments and Companies both from within and outside the country since 1971.

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The center of Indonesia’s fashion industry is now located in Bandung city. No matter where you live within the territory of the Republic of Indonesia, if you need fashion products (especially T-shirts) made in Indonesia, make sure the raw materials and production sources are in Bandung city. . Good news: Our office and manufacturing facility are now located in Bandung city. One of the centers of fashion industry in Indonesia.

So, with CV Kincai Indah, you automatically receive the products directly from the CENTER FASHION IN INDONESIA supplier. You don’t have to worry about the delivery of your ordered items. Our customer service will help recommend the most effective and efficient cost and timely delivery service according to your needs.


CV Kincai Indah will be happy to help and meet your needs. We provide quality products at competitive prices to help our customers individuals,  businesses, institutions, organizations and communities. To give you peace of mind and comfort, we offer a warranty on all the products we offer. We hope we can be mutually beneficial partners with you in the future.

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